Specialising in the supply of health care linen to health care providers

Allied Laundry Services Ltd


Allied Laundry Services Limited is a District Health Board joint venture co-operative created to meet the laundry requirements of 7 regional hospitals and the wider health services community. Allied Laundry’s vision is to be the lowest cost provider of linen services to all customers through linen standardisation and technology innovations. Allied Laundry also services commercial customers with an extensive range of dedicated health care linen products on an as demand basis.


The vision of Allied Laundry, to be the lowest cost laundry service provider to the District Health Boards. This has lead to a review of the environmental impact of laundry processing.

Allied Laundry has now invested in the latest laundry processing technology with energy reducing components combined with the minimum water usage machinery currently available.

The Process

The Allied Laundry Services’ facility is state of the art and foremost in high volume laundry processing technology.

The advanced computer controlled sorting system delivers linen to continuous batch washing machines which produce up to 50kg of clean linen every three minutes. The washing machines are computer linked to a drying system, and a high speed ironing line processes up to 1200 sheets per hour. This means large quantities of laundry are processed daily to the required exceptionally high standard.

Allied Laundry Services is committed to being the most efficient and cost effective linen provider to District Health Boards and other health providers of all sizes by continuing reviews of energy usage, standardisation of linen items and extremely efficient linen processing. This translates into significant cost savings for clients.

Clean & Green

Recent energy reduction programs have achieved significant energy savings.

The introduction of state of the art washing computer technology has seen water volumes reduce from 25 litres of water per kilogram of linen processed to six litres. This reduction results in positive benefits for Allied Laundry Services, its clients and the environment.

The linen processing plant is audited by members of the District Health Board Regional Infection Control Committee and meets the specifications of the audit process.


When efficient, reliable and affordable laundry supplies are needed, Allied Laundry Services delivers on time at a very competitive price.Allied Laundry Services specialise in supplying superior, cost effective linen services to health providers of all sizes from a doctor’s clinic to a public hospital.

Allied Laundry Services customers include:

•    District Health Boards
•    Rest homes
•    Private hospitals
•    Medical centres
•    Physiotherapists
•    Doctor’s clinics


Allied Laundry Services owns all linen supplied which means clients do not bear the cost of stocking their own linen and because all the linen is standardised, it can be supplied readily.

Clients order the linen they require via our WEB PORTAL and it is delivered usually on the next business day, or on an agreed delivery frequency. Whether clients need 10 sheets or 1000, weekly or daily, Allied Laundry Services will deliver quickly and on time.

Our Linen inventory includes:

•    Sheeting
•    Incontinence products
•    Toweling products
•    Theatre linen items and packs
•    A number of gown styles to suit many applications 


Allied Laundry Services cover the lower half of the North Island from Taranaki across to Waiouru, from Wairoa in Hawke’s Bay to Wellington in the south.


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